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The tin capsule, a mark of distinction

The tin capsule accompanies the most prestious wines in the world

Authentic and elegant, PURE TIN CAPSULES are a sign of art and distinction enhancing great wines and exceptional spirits. The result of unique craft skills, a PURE TIN CAPSULE is a single piece capsule, exclusively decorated with water-based ink, using spray printing and silk-screen. Its weight conveys a quality perception, its malleability makes it suitable to any shape or length of bottle neck & with its soft feel, a pure tin capsule sublimes & reinforces the perceived value of a bottle.


  • A single capsule piece, with no seams.
  • A highly malleable material that adapts to bottles of all shapes and sizes.
  • color applied with spray technique to give greater depth to the colors
  • A perfect quality and density of silk- screen.


We believe that the first impression of any consumer, from the opening bottle ceremony until the final tasting, is essential.

Everyday, our customers are more and more interested in packaging, a key element to position their products. Selecting the material, its design and the quality of the final product are the key elements for closing a bottle.

The single piece Tin Capsule, delicate, is the honest and loyal representation of the work made at any winery or spirit producer: patience, production, tradition, quality and bottle ageing.

History and origins

From latin “stannum”, Tin has been known for thousands of years as a luxurious and malleable element. Tin has managed to gain respectability in the glassworks, jewellery and goldsmithing sectors.

Historically high quality bottles produced by the European nobility and plugged with a natural cork, were protected with wax (to prevent damage from rodents in the old cellars of the house), which was sealed with the shield weapons producer for control and identification. This was the origin of the capsule we know today, and serves as a mark of distinction and brand of the producer.

Lead eventually replaced the seal, until it was prohibited on all packaging in the late twentieth century.

The Tin Capsule is used for the most prestigious Wines & Spirits, reaching perfection in the image transmitted.

Tin, malleable, noble and pure, adapts perfectly to unique bottle designs, reproducing elegantly the original stamp that gave origin the noble profession of closing up bottles excellently.

The luxury of an exclusive wine.


The embossed tin capsule fullfills the most exigent quality regulations. It is done with a high purity material, and the process is done in three key stages.

Melting and laminating
Tin lingots, carefully selected among the best, are introduced into the melting oven and gets laminated through a rolling system. The rolls then pass through a revolutionary cleaning system that eliminates all the dirt.

Laminated tin rolls go into the punching presses, and after several impacts they get the dimensions of the capsule desired.

First, the background colour is applied by spraying. This is followed by silk-screen printing of the skirt, and finally, the top can either be silk-screened or embossed.