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a story that comes from afar

since 1957, Enoplastic whose company name is CREALIS S.p.A., is the leading Italian company in the production of closures for the most well known brands in the world of still and sparkling wines, spirits, oil oil and vinegars.

technical and cutting-edge solutions able to match the most challenging requests in terms of quality and personalization.

the company that never stops

the extraordinary capabilities in terms of production and quality are a "must" for the company.

we provide experience, know-how and technical assistance for a perfect application of the capsule on the bottle.

all the products are tailor-made to offer the most suitable solution for any needs and shapes.

Part of Crealis

Today Crealis S.p.A. is the headquarters of the international CREALIS group, born from the alliance of 8 prestigious brands in the world of closure solutions:

Enoplastic, Sparflex, Le Muselet Valentin, Rivercap, Maverick, PE.DI, Supercap and Corchomex.

Visit the web page of the group to find out more about Crealis by clicking HERE.


The first public event of Enoplastic | part of Crealis: