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elegance and unlimited customization for
stunning results

polylaminate capsules of high quality and style, known for excellent technical characteristics.
elite gives a classy look, giving prestige to your brand. capsules for wines and spirits products such as whisky, vodka, mixers. endless decorations possibility including the digital printing.


  • standard or custom colors, with different finishes: metalized or glossy/matt pastel.
  • rotogravure printing up to 8 colors.
  • digital printing for unique capsules
  • hot foil stamping
  • different types of tabs for an easy opening.

several formats and dimensions available.
custom size available on demand.


Elite capsules are made in Derma or R-derma®: the exclusive, green and sustainable material made with aluminum and a special polyethylene with the 60% of recycled content

unique and technically advanced material able to enhance the best still wines and spirits.

Derma is available in 2 thinknesses

soft perforation

One of the latest innovations is the soft perforation, a type of perforation which, being less visible than the traditional double perforation, allows not to interfere with the overall design of the capsule.

  • very subtle
  • designed for elaborate graphics
  • easy opening of the capsule
  • the final aesthetic intact