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for years Enoplastic has started an ambitious route that leads the group towards continuous growth both in quantity and quality. the experience and the know-how gained have led to the development of new materials, high-performance machineries, modern techniques for printing and for forming.

Following to the Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006 which amended art. 219, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Environmental Code), it’s required the mention of the specification of the packaging materials. The goal is to identify and properly classify the different items of the packaging. Based of Decision 97 / 129 / CE, we propose below the document about the recycling codes of our products:

our watchword is #keepmoving

dynamic, curious, evolving. always ready to explore new opportunities.

Enoplastic offers a technical service, assisting the clients during the after-sales.

Research & Development

Enoplastic closures are warranty systems. ask for additional info for anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect your brand.

anti-counterfeiting systems

to protect your brand.

green technology

sensitive to environmental concerns but always focused on industrial performance, Enoplastic develops the materials used for the production of the various capsules and optimizes zero-impact production processes.

the goal of Enoplastic is to be innovative and sustainable.

mad lab

the innovation passes through creativity, imagination, inspiration and perhaps even a bit of madness …
this is how MADLAB project is born, able to gather and reading the present and the future. open, dynamic, curious because it is able to develop novelties, along unexplored roads.