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style & products

a matter of style

the style identifies a product because it’s the mix of aesthetic, cultural and technical features.
get over the appearance, choose the essence.
select the closure for your bottle of still or sparkling wine, champagne, spirit, olive oil and vinegar and discover
the opportunity to customize your capsule, hood or screw cap.

Following to the Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006 which amended art. 219, paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 (Environmental Code), it’s required the mention of the specification of the packaging materials. The goal is to identify and properly classify the different items of the packaging. Based of Decision 97 / 129 / CE, we propose below the document about the recycling codes of our products:


made in polylam DERMA and R-DERMA
made in tin
made in heat shrinking material PVC and PET

for still and sparkling wines, spirits, olive oil and vinegars

from the idea, to the color and the shape

freedom to the creativity and the fantasy.
we’ll put the effort to make them a reality, applying the colors first and giving the shape to your ideas.

screw cap 30x60

practical solution, easy to use with a keen eye to details and style.

technical corks

technical solution to guarantee the freshness and the original taste of your wines.